Jawan becomes Bollywood’s Biggest Opener :With 120 Crore Worldwide on Day 1

Jawan becomes Bollywood's Biggest Opener
Jawan becomes Bollywood's Biggest Opener

Jawan becomes Bollywood’s Biggest Opener starring SRK, broke the record for the biggest bollywood opening weekend with stunning international collection of 120 crore on its first day. The Atlee directed movie has broken several box office records in along with dominating the silver screen. this article examines ‘Jawan’s’ extraordinary first-day performance.

Jawan Massive Advance Bookings

‘Jawan’ is an iconic entry into popular pan Indian film, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and directed by South Indian director Atlee. the movie starring SRK, Deepika Padukone, and Nayanthara, performed a stunning milestone with record breaking advance bookings of $50 crores. early predictions were that the film would have a historic box office run, adding to the apparent excitement around it.

Breaking Records Worldwide

Not only has “Jawan” set records in India  but it has also left an impression on the world stage. It had the biggest advance ticket sales of any Bollywood film, both domestically and internationally. a new record for bollywood was set by the film’s incredible pre sales for the four day extended weekend which reached an unbelievable 70 crores.

Jawan Remarkable Success

In addition to being on certainly to become the greatest Bollywood opening worldwide, “Jawan” is also expected to break the previous record for the biggest four-day weekend collection for a Bollywood movie. The movie’s success has been so phenomenal that opening-day tickets were completely sold out months in advance, leaving fans to excitedly anticipate its release on September 7, 2023.

Taran Adarsh’s Tweet

The amazing advance booking status was revealed by renowned Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh on the social networking site X (formerly known as Twitter). Tickets sold for Thursday / Day 1 at NATIONAL CHAINS, he tweeted. Recent updates: Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. #PVR + #INOX: 448,000 #Cinepolis: 109,000 A total of 557,000 tickets were sold for Pathaan as of 11:59 p.m.

Outperforming ‘Pathaan’

In addition to breaking past records SRK’s most recent film, “Jawan,” did better than “Pathaan.” ‘Pathaan’ made 32 crores in revenue from the 10.80 lakh tickets sold before movie opened. in a remarkable achievement “Jawan” outperformed these figures by selling 12.30 lakh tickets on its first day, bringing in a stunning 32.50 crores in total receipts.

In conclusion, “Jawan” has established itself as a cinematic force by making not only an exceptional debut but also rewriting the history books. SRK’s star power and filmmaker Atlee’s incredible storytelling are to thank for its phenomenal success on opening day.


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