kawasaki ninja zx-4r Launch in india : Unleashing Unmatched Power and Style

kawasaki ninja zx-4r Launch in india
kawasaki ninja zx-4r Launch in india

There is a newcomer making waves like never before in the motorbike world—the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R launch in India. This extraordinary machine, which is more than simply a motorbike and is a masterpiece of engineering, has just made its triumphant debut on the Indian market.

A Price Tag that Commands Attention

Not only is the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R drawing attention for its outstanding performance, but also for its exorbitant cost. It now retains the distinction of most expensive 400 cc motorbike sold in India, with a price of Rs 8.49 lakh (ex-showroom). You could now be wondering what justifies this pricing range. Investigate further to learn more.

The Heart of the Beast

A 399 cc liquid cooled 4 stroke inline four engine powers the Ninja ZX 4R. This engine is a monster producing an astounding 39 Nm of torque at 13000 rpm and 76 horsepower at 14500 rpm. This engine can increase its power to an amazing 79 bhp at 14500 rpm with the use of ram air. This motorbike offers an exhilarating riding experience thanks to its fast 6 speed transmission with a slipper clutch.

Precision Engineering

The Ninja ZX 4R is built for superb handling and control not simply brute force. Its sturdy trellis structure ensures stability and accuracy while also guaranteeing thrilling ride on both twisting motorways and metropolitan streets. A preload adjustable monoshock and an upside down fork from Showa are among the suspension parts that contribute to the ride comfort and balance.

Safety Redefined

The Ninja ZX 4R first focus is your safety. It has two 290 mm front discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers, one 220 mm rear disc, and twin 290 mm front discs with standard dual-channel ABS. Even at high speeds, this combination ensures consistent and effective braking. The front and rear 120/70-R17 and 160/60-R17 tires on the 17-inch wheels offer excellent traction and stability.

kawasaki ninja zx-4r Launch in india
kawasaki ninja zx-4r Launch in india

Cutting-Edge Technology

The Ninja ZX-4R doesn’t fall short when it comes to enhancing the riding experience in the digital era. With Bluetooth connectivity and a 4.3-inch color TFT display, it offers features including turn-by-turn navigation and notification alerts. Four unique riding modes are available to riders: sport, road, rain, and a configurable rider mode that enables changes to the traction control and power settings.

A Visual Marvel

Beyond its functionality and technology the Ninja ZX 4R is a work of art in terms of design. It features sophisticated elegant color combination of sleek metallic black. A taillight modeled by the Ninja ZX 10R and split LED headlamps complete the aggressive and angular look. A big fairing is visible on the bike side profile and transparent visor adds to its attractiveness.

Lightweight and Agile

The Ninja ZX-4R’s kerb weight of 189 kg makes it very lightweight despite its features and power. As a result, it is maneuverable and simple to control whether you are negotiating downtown traffic or meandering through mountain routes. For a variety of riders, the 800 mm seat height offers a comfortable riding position.


In the 400 cc motorcycle market, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX 4R is a game changer. It establishes a new standard for what riders may expect from a bike in this category with its combination of power, style and cutting edge technology. Even if it has a high price tag, the experience it provides is totally worth the money. Deliveries are expected to start in the first week of October 2023 so be ready to feel the thrill of the Ninja ZX 4R.




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