Unearthing the ‘Alien Bodies’ Controversy: A Dive into Mexico’s UFO Hearing

Alien Bodies
Alien Bodies

On September 14, Alien Bodies took place in the center of Mexico City that caught everyone attention. In an unusual UFO hearing the Mexican Congress displayed what were allegedly the remnants of non human creatures. However, this presentation was swiftly criticized on global scale, with many labeling it a simple “stunt”. The mystery surrounding this amazing incident grew as queries from officials in Peru where these supposed specimens allegedly initially surfaced.

The Presenter: Jaime Maussan

Jaime Maussan journalist from Mexico who has always been fascinated with UFO was in the epicenter of this captivating sight. He revealed two little “bodies” contained in containers on Tuesday during the committee session. These individuals which had enlarged heads and three fingers on each hand, were unlike any other living forms on Earth. Maussan said that in 2017 these mysterious beings were found in Peru.

Controversy Over the Claims

It’s important to remember that Maussan has track record of making contentious assertion about alien events. His claims have previously raised skepticism and curiosity during presentations.

The pictures from this historic congressional session the first of its type in Mexico sparked much interest and disdain abroad. Ryan Graves former pilot with the U.S. Navy attended the hearing to discuss his firsthand experiences with “unidentified anomalous phenomena” (UAP) and he harshly attacked it. He called the performance “unsubstantiated stunt” and believed it to be a major setback for the investigation of such occurrences.

An International Perspective

Ryan Graves who had previously taken part in hearings on UAP held by the US Congress in July focused on the problem of underreporting observations of unexplained phenomena in airspace. He said that this presentation puzzling and unreliable character could make it more difficult to conduct thorough research into these events.

Maussan stated during the presentation that the artifacts were discovered close to Peru’s historic Nazca Lines. The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) which carried out the carbon dating, found that they were around 1,000 years old he added. Maussan firmly affirmed that these beings had no connection to any known species on Earth.

Skepticism and Legal Concerns in Peru

In Peru where these specimens were first found doubt and legal issues have surfaced. Leslie Urteaga the minister of culture for Peru raised skepticism over the designation of the bones as non human. She questioned how these samples had gotten out of Peru and made legal action seem likely.

According to Leslie Urteaga “There is a criminal complaint from the Ministry of Culture against some people who had a relationship with these gentlemen.” She also mentioned the possibility that these artifacts were formerly part of pre Hispanic bone remains, which would have added to the enigma surrounding their origin and categorization.

Countering the Critics

In response to the criticism Jaime Maussan defended his claims in interview. He contended that his critics not presented any concrete evidence to refute his finding. Maussan emphasized the need for thorough investigation expressing his frustration with those who relied solely on testimonies and question without offering substantial evidence.

UNAM’s Statement and NASA’s Perspective

In statement that was again released on Wednesday Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM) made it clear that its role in this case was restricted to figuring out how old the samples were. UNAM howeve opted not to release the whole study findings or conduct interviews with the scholars who took part. The institution also withheld the specimens age which its study attributed to them.

While releasing their report on suggestions for the Pentagon identification and study of UAP, NASA officials responded to inquiries over the Mexican presentation on Thursday. The report chair, David Spergel ,former director of the astrophysics division at Princeton University underlined the value of openness. He asked those who had rare specimens to make them available to the world’s scientists for analysis.


It is undeniable that the UFO hearing before Mexico legislature which featured the display of purported non human remains sparked interest and acrimony throughout the world. While Jaime Maussan statements have provoked criticism and discussion they have also raised issues regarding the necessity of openness and careful scientific research. One thing is clear as the globe waits for further developments in this puzzling tale the pursuit of knowledge regarding the presence of alien life continues to capture our curiosity.


1. What were the key features of the specimens presented during the UFO hearing?

The specimens showcased during the hearing had two key features three fingers on each hand and elongated heads characteristics that deviated from known terrestrial life forms.

2. What is the significance of the congressional hearing in Mexico?

This hearing was the first of its kind in Mexico and brought international attention to the claims made by Jaime Maussan regarding non human remains.

3. Why did former U.S. Navy pilot Ryan Graves criticize the presentation?

Ryan Graves criticized the presentation asĀ  “unsubstantiated stunt” and expressed concern that it could hinder serious investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

4. What legal concerns have arisen in Peru regarding the specimens?

Peruvian Culture Minister Leslie Urteaga expressed doubts about the classification of the remains and hinted at potential legal actions raising questions about their origin and removal from Peru.

5. What is the stance of Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM) in this matter?

UNAM clarified that its involvement was limited to determining the age of the samples. However it declined to disclose the full study results or provide interviews with the researchers who participated.

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