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Murphy outstanding portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer demonstrates his talent for personifying complicated historical personalities. His portrayal gives the life and tribulations of well known physicist more dimension.

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2.Dunkirk (2017)

Murphy portrayal of shivering soldier in this intense war drama show talent for capturing unfiltered emotions. His portrayal of the hardships of battle and survival.

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A Quiet Place Part II (2021)

Murphy's portrayal of Emmett this science fiction sequel showcases his breadth of emotions. His performance gives a world overrun by sound-sensitive creatures more complexity.

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4.The Wind That Shakes the Barley (2006)

Murphy portrayal Damien show his talent for expressing internal struggles within historical situations. He gives tale of conflict and sacrifice more impact on his performance.

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5.28 Days Later (2002)

This inventive zombie movie Murphy plays Jim showcasing his aptitude for surviving  post apocalyptic setting. His portrayal gives dimension to tale of humanity and survival.

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6.Inception (2010)

Murphy portrayal foe in this cerebral thriller his reputation as top-tier performer. His portrayal makes the investigation of dreams and reality more challenging.

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7.Batman Begins – 2005 

Adding  layer of fear to Christopher Nolan's Batman universe Murphy convincing portrayal of the Scarecrow establishes the character standing in the superhero genre.

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Murphy portrayal of Tom in this political play show his talent for evoking range of feelings.

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Murphy portrayal of assassin in this thriller adds complexity to the character dynamics.

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10.Sunshine (2007)

Murphy portrayal physicist Robert Capa in this science fiction thriller demonstrates his talent expressing inner struggle. His acting gives the story of last ditch effort to save civilization more depth.