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1.French Bulldog

They were initially developed in England as little replicas of the Bulldog, and English lacemakers eventually carried them to France, where they got their "Frenchie" nickname.

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2.Labrador Retriever 

Being lively, vivacious, and affectionate with children makes this breed appropriate for families with young children.

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Due to its intellect and outgoing personality, the Beagle, a hound species, is beloved by many people.

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4.Bernese Mountain Dog 

A working dog from the Swiss farmlands, the Bernese Mountain Dog is incredibly adaptable. They were created to pull carts, herd animals, serve as watchdogs, and be devoted friends. 

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5.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

It is well known that Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have affectionate and caring attitudes. They are terrific companions for both individuals and families since they like interacting with people.

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The English Bulldog sometimes known as the Bulldog, is well-liked dog breed that is well-known for its distinctive qualities and endearing traits.

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The Boxer dog looker with sense of humor and an underlying kindness. The Boxer is square jawed and robust. The Boxer is recognized for its muscular and athletic physique and ranges in size from medium to large.

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8.Golden Retriever

In the US one of the most popular dog breeds is the Golden Retriever. The affable nature of the breed makes them excellent family companions and their intellect makes them excellent working dogs.

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One of the smartest breeds in the world is the poodle, according to experts. You'll want to give them tasks to complete because they are highly trainable and suitable for nearly any job you throw at them. 

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10.Pembroke Welsh Corgi 

A compact, stout dog with a long body and short legs, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is sometimes referred to as the Corgi dog. They were bred to herd cattle and sheep in Wales, where they are originated from.